4.26 Not taking input please help! (bull cow game)

the code is being compiled and the game is running perfectly but its not taking input even if i click enter or tab or any other button, what should i do? please help!

If I guess right, the idea of the BullCow game is that you have two modes of using your keyboard. When the game is launched, you can move the camera around the world. But if you press Tab, you can switch to another mode, in which you can type in something to the terminal.
So, as you said, the Tab key isn’t working, but can you at least control the camera?

I have just noticed, that when the game is launched, you have to click the mouse button first to be able to use your keyboard.

if i right click the view is moving perfectly fine but input was not working, i tried running the program in standalone mode it works perfectly fine thanks you!

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