4.16.1 Tick executed ALL THE TIME



So in 4.16.1 the Tick is triggered all the time, even if you are not playing the game, just during normal editing mode.
I tried to replace it with PlayerTick(other thread talks about this) and no success.
Then I restarted the editor and finally it worked as expected.
Just in case that can help anyone.



I got the same troubles, I try with restart…



Hello again,

after Editor restart the tick is still running,



Which version of the engine are you using?



solved :slight_smile:


Hi all, I have almost the same problem: after hitting on play button, the tick logging started without aiming. I tried several restarts and rebuilds with no success. My version is 4.19.2. can someone help me? @ben


@Wolfgang_Genser can you share what you did to fix the issue?