4.123: Grasped Release Method

It took me a few tries but I had something that worked in the end, although more cludgy.

First Attempt: I thought I had to create a whole new Action map set to the same key. Then I tried using bools, a new input component variable called release component, and then wrote all of the input component if/else statement, changing names as I saw necessary. I pointed the BindAction to “Release”.

It failed… :+1:

Attempt two: I removed bools and did something similar to above, added shift+click and tried again. It worked somewhat. Yay :slight_smile:

Attempt Three: I then bound it to the right click without the shift and simply had the IE_Released, and it worked. Yay. :grinning:

Attempt Four: Then I continued on with the lesson. Oh… :unamused:

  1. Most of what I did was useless, save for my release function.

  2. Everything can nest under the Action Mapping “Grab”, and the Input Component variable and the if/else statement below it.

  3. Only needed to copy the InputComponent->Bind Action and change the IE to “_Released” and the address to the function (which I did have)

But hey, the experience was good and to know that there is a much shorter and elegant way is always useful :smile:

What I am also learning is:
C++ is not strictly as hard as I had thought it would be. It is like the basic Grammar structure for a language. My real contention is grasping the library (as is apparently the case in any language) and how it interacts with Unreal.

So Technically I am learning 3 separate things that have to be taken each as their own subject, and as parts of a whole. :confused:

At least my confusion and poor pace is not unwarranted.

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Haha I know exactly how you feel. I have noticed that when I study the concepts that are taught in the course on my own it helps so much more. For instance when you learn pointers you get a small taste but afterwards you can go down the rabbit hole of pointers and truly understand what it means. Keep up the great work and never give up!

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