3dxchat hug the princess level design



I’m a member of 3dxchat which is just a silly sex game but they’ve added a level designer editor to the game which has made it infinitely more interesting. I’ve already designed 50 levels although it’s just kind of a sex sandbox game without any quests yet or interactivity with objects besides other players but I thought hey why not prototype my game and levels using their editor as I can’t draw anyway so here is my first level. You start on the right rainbow mountain and navigate to the left over the insane terrain and if you make it to the lounge area you get to hug the princess or the prince or both or get eaten by the ghost ghouls. This game was made in unity and is begging to bested even if I am the only one they are begging.



This is kinda strange :smiley: But the level itself looks too simple IMO.