3D Virtual Reality (VR) animation? help is appreciated!

Hi everyone,
I’m wondering, is there anyway to export my 3D model to Aftereffects? I want to make a 3D Virtual Reality (VR) animation. Any suggestions or ideas to how can I do that and what softwares can help me?
Also what do you guys think of animating in Blender? And is there a way of rendering my animation as a VR video?
Thank you.

There are some videos that explain making VR videos inside of Blender. I would recommend continuing with the Udemy course so that you can understand the basics of Blender. I’ve found that I am able to understand tutorials on YouTube much easier once I’ve taken the time to understand the things that they’re teaching us here.

Hope that helps, I would not be able to explain how to make a VR render in this message board, just search YouTube for 360 Videos in Blender Or Stereoscopic 3D in Blender. You will need to be in cycles mode, and your going to need an equirectangular lens.

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Thank you for this feedback!

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