3D Platformer Puzzle/Collectathon

Something similar was suggested back in 2017 by someone else but doesn’t seem to have gotten any traction. I began my game dev journey in the hope of being able to make a 3D platformer and I still very much want to do it.

The course could include one or two completed levels that cover topics like moving platforms, unlockable areas, unlocking new abilities (eg. Fire Mario, Starman, Wing Cap), swimming, swinging on grapples or vines, patrolling enemies, various means of terminating enemies, checkpoints, and perhaps most importnat of all, a SAVE system.

Based on my own experiences trying to make one on my own it should probably be an intermediate or even advanced course that presumes you know how to download Unity, set up version control and are fairly competent in C#.

A course like that could be great, but from my point of view, code wise is not that hard to create, specially with the tools Unity provides, like cinemachine for camera control, the only hard part would be the save system, but that subject has been covered in the RPG course. The other issue are assets, models and animations for a game like that can take a long time to make and could cost more than the content of the course, unless we end up using cubes and capsules, but that could harm the course.

Everything would come down to game design and that’s not a very popular topic for some weird reason.

I don’t know. I’ve tried several times and it’s pretty tough. Things always get out of hand, scripts become enormous, dependencies out the wahzoo. But yeah, level design is super important here too.

I’m not trying to imply that making a 3D platformer is an easy task, but it’s not that different from coding a 2D platformer. If you took any of the Unity Beginner courses you have a solid foundation to create a project of that genre, specially if you keep it simple.

A great example of a simple platformer than don’t rely a lot in physics is Crash Bandicoot. You can use Crash as a starting point, then build upon that.

If you haven’t taken the RPG course I highly recommend it, it tackles a lot of things you mention, like project organization, dependencies, keeping scripts readable and more, this way you avoid waiting for a course that might not even come out. You might also want to try another courses, not from this site, unfortunately, I can’t recommend any, I’ve just seen one and don’t know if it is any good.

I’ve been debating the RPG one. I guess I’ll go for it.

Just went to sign up for the RPG course and it looks like there are two of them, combat and dialogue. Which one is the one you say I should take?

I suggest you buy the bundle that includes the 3 courses, but the Combat would suffice in case you only want to learn about the things we previously discussed. Dialogue and Inventory tackle different things.

Thanks. Gonna start with Combat and go from there.

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