3D Magic Road Painter - Zombie Runner - Feedback please

Hey guys,

I wish I could say I was brand new to the courses (got the first Unity course back in Feb). Up till now I was using Udemy questions for everything and I posted this in all the wrong places. Please let me know if I should not share this here. Just now discovering the site.

This project was born during Zombie Runner, while I struggled making ramps and roads. I hope in the near future I can give it to you to give it a try! Very interested in what you think.

Any questions, opinions, feedback, please don’t hold back!
Please write something even if it’s only a single word opinion(“cool”, “meh”, etc.).

Thanks a lot!


That is such a useful little asset!
If you are doing the RPG course laying paths can be fun but also repetitive, if done right i can see this being a tool for me and many others!

As for where to post it, I think here is fine, Its showcasing your work for something in Unity.


Thank you Marc!
I have the RPG course, but my studies got delayed while I was working on this. That was exactly my goal with it, so it could be used for fantasy and similar style games, especially if you want to make a little more diverse terrain.

I’m glad I didn’t make a backside of myself this time. :slight_smile:

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I actually think @Rick_Davidson would love this asset too.


Whoa! What is this wonderful sorcery! I agree with Marc - where was this tool when I was making my RPG level. :slight_smile:

Frank, is this something that you are planning to sell on the asset store? Or a passion project for fun? Do you think its something we could have our students have access to? I’m in the middle of using terrain for one of the sections (Argon Assault) in the new Complete Unity Develop 2.0 course. Any chance I can get my hands on it and play around a little?


(oh and side note on your video - if you change your windows display settings to 150% screen scaling, folks will be able to see your unity text more easily)


Holy ****! That is freaking amazing dude! I have always hated using terrain editors because its such a pain to get the exact roads into the terrain, but that does the works perfectly!!!


That is really amazing. :heart_eyes:


Wow, thank you Rick!

It started as a passion project. Now I think the asset store option could be an opportunity to help me keep going with the courses, develop my next (more involved) game, and release the first one that’s sitting in the play store unreleased.

I definitely want fellow students to benefit from this. This is a great community I’m glad to be a part of. I wouldn’t be this close to realizing my dream without the courses and GAMEDEV.TV. Thank you!

I can’t wait to have you try it, and hear about your experience.


Thank you guys! I really appreciate the kind words.

I was too busy with other things in the last 2 weeks, but I’m trying to spend some time on the project to iron out a few things.


Hello everyone, hope you are keeping well.

Today I researched to find a suite that I can use to create/manage thorough testing for myself, and also track bugs. I will be able to invite Alpha/Beta testers and clients to report bugs when they need to (there are already 2 bugs in it, and some test cases).

On Monday and Tuesday I could spend a few hours ironing out a few things:

  • Changed the hotkeys (visible in the video: CTRL, G, SHIFT+G, CTRL+SHIFT+G). Happy to hear opinions on these!
  • Found a typo on the GUI window. Please let me know if you still see anything that needs attention, or you think some terms could use some rethinking.
  • Fixed 2 minor bugs in the scaling tool.
  • Fixed bug #1(#1 in bug tracking): “Able to trigger unwanted tool actions while painting (e.g. Move Tool)”.
  • Improved how the textures are displayed in the GUI. Originally had a more robust solution, but it also took a little more time to process. Now it is as quick as in the Terrain component itself (and also has the same glitch sometimes with RGBA textures. That sorts itself easily and the performance is better this way).
  • Now using a better way to switch from other tools (like Terrain tools) and PathPainter Paint Mode is also automatically disabled when another tool gets selected.
  • Done some refactoring on raycasting.
  • Some refactoring of the Scene View cycles.
  • Fixed bug #2 “MouseUp not detected outside of the Scene View”.
  • New optimized and improved ‘in Scene View brush changes’. +Values are now displayed near the mouse cursor.
  • Finally updated the brush graphics from the previous temp solution(circles). Still using the circles for ‘in Scene View brush changes’ because I find them more explicit:

Also got a new video that shows better how the tool works (with voice-over).
Hope you will like the video, although I don’t know who that is with that horrible thick accent in it. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is something I don’t know I should iron out before giving PP to anyone, but more on that in the next post. I will need to take some screenshot examples to explain.

Thanks for all the support!


Okay, so the end bit of brush strokes works as originally intended, however while making the first video I realized that might not be ideal. The caps of the strokes are always in level:

This can become a problem when drawing paths with multiple strokes. Here is a worst case example:

So the question is if you guys would

  1. want to try PathPainter this way, or
  2. are happy to wait until I sort this out.

Have not actually come up with an idea how I will go about that, so not sure at this stage how long it will take. Some part of the tool might need a complete rework.

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I think that the path ends thing probably shouldn’t hold it back and it will be useful even if it isn’t sorted, but a future iteration should probably include a way to toggle between level caps and not, since it can prove equally useful to have them that way.


This is looking really well polished Frank, well done.

I really like the blue circles for the cursor :slight_smile:

Minor thing, not related to your PathPainter tool, but regarding your video - it’s really quiet. I don’t mean it in a criticising way, just if you record more videos later, to promote the tool, you may want to have yourself a little louder so that it’s easier to hear you :slight_smile:

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Thank you Rob! Not at all. I truly love constructive critics! Very helpful!

Hmm :thinking:, looks like I will need a proper mic if I want to do any more v/o videos (although I would rather not :slight_smile:).
Could only use a horrible old headset and my vol was probably high when watched back the recording. That would explain why another youtube vid scared the bejesus out of me after. :slight_smile:

Do you think it’s acceptable, or is it very quiet?
I’m now thinking that my sound card might be normalizing the volume as I watch it. It wouldn’t be the first time. Had some bad experience with it when I was making music for my 1st game. Didn’t understand why it sounded so different on other devices and it took some time to find all the settings to disable enhancements in the card.

Such a well built tool, I can’t wait for release Frank. Do you plan on selling this asset?

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Very slick little tool there Frank, well done! looks soo handy and would be a great addition to the asset store :slight_smile:

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I’m torn to be honest. If it was 25 years ago, there would be a link already to a git repository. Now I don’t really have options (unless I can secure one of the contracts I am going for at the moment :crossed_fingers: )

I wonder what @Rick_Davidson’s choice would be regarding the “caps of strokes” question above.

  1. want to try PathPainter this way, or
  2. are happy to wait until I sort this out.

Hi Frank,

Do you think it’s acceptable, or is it very quiet?

Apologies for my tardiness! Not sure why I didn’t previously spot your reply, sorry.

Regarding the volume, I think for perhaps demonstrating your tool as you have so far here, first couple of stages of its development etc, probably fine. I think if you were going to say pop it on a website to market it, or maybe rerecord anyway for an updated version, that’s when I would suggest resolving the volume.

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Thanks Rob!
Actually I was thinking to ask someone or a voice actor to do that. When I hear others speaking ESL like that, I can’t help but instantly feel that they are less credible and less professional. It’s a feeling, nothing conscious, but I can’t imagine how it might affect native speakers when it affects me like that. I have to work to reduce my accent but can’t allocate time for that at the moment.

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