3d Game kit course

Hello there.
I started doing the 3d game kit course.
I have a question to the group. So setting my own environment using polybrush didn’t really work. I set up a new terrain and started modify it. Height, textures, grass, trees etc. Tried with the player and I noticed Ellen can still run through the trees. I’m wondering is there a way to add let’s say collider to the trees that was added with terrain tool? So she or the enemies can’t run through the trees. It looks odd.

I’m still new to the game designing. But it’s a really fun process.

Thanks ahead for any suggestions or tips.

Hi Tamas,

If i remember correctly the default tree’s used in unity with the terrain editor do not come with a collider attached to them.
The easiest solution is just to add something like a box collider to the tree asset and then it will collide with Ellen.

Hope this helps

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Hi Marc. Thank you so much for the answer. It did work by adding collider. I’ve been experimenting with different colliders to see which one would be better on runtime. I’m having lots of fun with the process.

Thanks again.

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