3D Fanart Pokeball, now i'm able to catch them all!


Allow me to show you my fanart 3D model. Yesterday, i’m so excited to the new released of Pokemon Games. So i tried to make my own Pokeball (again, tbh i already made it last year. The different is the time i needed to create it. And yeah i just realized my improvements i made :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

here are all the results :
First pic

Second and third pics

The first pic is from the last year, i remembered there was an artifact but i couldn’t fixed the artifact on that day so i made it without boolean modifier (i mean bool tool addon) :frowning:

The second and third pics are my latest attempt and of course i challenge myself to use boolean modifier/bool tool addon. But i’m happy to see that now i’m able to handle the artifacts :smiley: (i think i need to learn topology and modeling more so that i could minimalize artifacts or even make it clean hahaha)

This is how i create the Pokeball :


Thank you so much to read my progress story. I hope you enjoy my 3D fanart Pokeball, doing well and have a fantastic full of life :slight_smile:

Very intrested in your opinion and advice :smiley:


Nice pokeball. I’m a big fan of pokemon too :grinning:

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Thank you so much :smile:

BDSP really bring back childhood memories… And yeah i love their mons design so much

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I never really kept up with the newer pokemon versions, but I played it ever since it first came out on gameboy in the 90s. The last pokemon game I played was the ruby / sapphire / emerald gen. I still bring my old gameboy and play whenever I have a long flight tbh, although I might get weird looks when people see a grown man playing on his gameboy, but I still love it haha. My nephew is into the new pokemon gens. It’s fun to see pokemon still being alive and popular today. Hope to see more Pokemon stuff from you in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good looking ball.

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Wow, you’re still playing gameboy, sir ? Tbh, i’m jealous of you sir i mean it. i have broke my gameboy when i was 9 yo, i can’t take care of it and after saw my gameboy has been broken, my mother sold all my games because i broke my promise to take care of it :laughing: Perhaps if i meet you when you’re playing gameboy, i would be so excited and like “wow, that’s amazing” :smiley:

Thank you so much, i will try my best to make Pokemon’s model :slight_smile: hope you’re doing well and have fantastic life sir :smiley:

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Thank you so much, sir :smiley: i will try to be better :slight_smile:

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There are many, many ways to create such an object. Just follow the course, learn more Blender functions and blender modeling processes.

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I’m sorry for my late reply, sir

Alright… Eventhough tbh sometimes when i tried to make things myself, i forget the workflow and which part from the courses that solved my problem

But luckily i have write down on my notebook some “keywords” of workflow and Blender’s function when i watch Gamedev’s video courses last year

I believe that notebook will be useful for me and yeah it’s true :laughing: (pardon my lack of memories :laughing: )

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