3D animation

I am making a game where a character is supposed to stand on a hill (not a flat surface) next to a tree. When the user clicks on the tree, the character punches it. I have the punching animation imported as an rigged fbx. How do I go about

  1. making the player collide with the ground (mesh colliders don’t work with skinned mesh renderer)
  2. making the player punch the tree
  3. align the player so that the player’s hands hit the tree so we can detect for collision

@Marc_Carlyon, are some of these topics covered in the RPG course?

Not quite in the manner that the student would image but the principals taught there could be applied to this situation.

We use a navmesh to move around and so that solved the movement. A tree in no different to an enemy inside a game its just what you tell the code it is. If you say a tree is an enemy and your code allows you to attack and enemy he will attack the tree.
Aligning the player to face the target we also cover i believe with LookAt as well.

It seems that the best course to help you on this would be the RPG course. If you are not on a timescale then you may prefer to wait for the new updated content which will start releasing next week :slight_smile:

Thanks @Nina

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Thank you, I will check it out.

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