38. Finish Your Mayan Pyramid - Lost pyramid in the jungle

Hey guys, here’s what I came out with for the challenge of finishing the mayan pyramid. I wanted to make it look like it was a lost pyramid in some jungle, took me some time, but there it is!

Cylces Render :

Eevee Render :

I find I still struggle with the lighting though, I’m looking forward to see the videos about it!


I really like the Eevee Render!

You can clearly see the water parts of the pyramid, the reflection of the light on leaves, floor and rocks. While in cycles looks like everything is Roughness 1…

Are you sure that the materials and also light setup are not different between them?

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Thanks for your thoughts!

And yes you’re right, the light setup is not the same in Cycles, it was really dark so I had to tweak the light, but I agree the result isn’t as nice as the Eevee render.

I spent enough time on this one for now, but I’ll certainly fix it some time soon :slight_smile:

Really nice render! Love the detail on the threes and rocks.

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