Great set with all royalty present now.

Just wrongly set out I believe.

White queen white square, Black queen black square it should be.


Board is beautifully done as well as the rest of scene. Great job.

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Thanks! I’m not a chess guy. Lol

Thank you.

I would like to know how you did it with the bishop onjour :), for the ‘smooth’ without having an artifact please?

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Thanks, Djim. I used a Sphere and cut it in half for the outer part of the floating top. The inner floating circle is also a sphere, but I added a square for the cut out. Once in place, I used Ctrl + F and did an intersect bool. This makes the cut out with no artifact.

Haaaaaa ok! thank you very much for your explanations!
I understand why I had artifacts with the way I was modeling :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

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