3 Unresolved externals

So I’m having this issue when compiling the project after finishing creating the PawnTank constructor. And the output log says that there are 3 unresolved externals. And also, VS code’s output log says:

[6/13/2021, 9:52:31 PM] “PawnTank.cpp” not found in “${workspaceFolder}.vscode\compileCommands_ToonTanks.json”. ‘includePath’ from c_cpp_properties.json in folder ‘ToonTanks’ will be used for this file instead.

Here’s what the Unreal log says:

And here are the only changes I made to the project (I downloaded the project from the previous class
and started from there):





Delete the Intermediate folder from your project and try again. The generated code appears to have code for stuff that doesn’t exist anymore.

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