3-Point-Render - Dwarf in the woods

I’ll be honest… when you said we could take any of our previous works as well, the challenge really got me :smile:
What you see is the maincharacter of a videogame I am working on.

Too sad that I haven’t figured out how to implement some fire in the left forground instead of the plants, would have been more fitting to the colors.


I don’t now how to implement proper fire too, but if I understand you idea correctly you could imitate it with a couple of buildings in the background, a little bit of fog to cover lack of unnecessary details and imitate a smoke and a proper lighting (two or three sources from red to orange should be enough) to create a mood.

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Hey there, thanks :slight_smile:That sounds like a good idea! I am on the volumetric video about fog right now :grin:

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Oh, I actually misunderstood your initial intention :sweat_smile: What you wanted was a fire like a bonfire.
My bad.
By the way would you like to join our weekly challenge?

Haha, sorry, I might have misunderstood you as well in that case :laughing:
Still I like the idea of pointing the fire out by using smoke and lights alone, without an actual fire.
Often the things which are not shown have a higher impact to the stuff which is visible - somehow like in a mystical or horrormovie.

Sorry for my unknowing question, but what weekly challenge? :thinking:

You can check it here

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Oh ok, that sounds kinda interesting, thank you for the informations about these challenges!
The dwarf himself might not be fitting as the limitations say “no black and white”. Also I am not quite sure if Cinderella needs a dwarven adventurer to get to the ball… as long as it isn’t quite a distance through the dark woods or some other dangerous route :smirk:

Of course she needs him! Who else will drink those two barrels of dwarven ale they bought for a ball?

But I like you variant too - it could be quite a scene!

Obviously the dwarf has plenty of reasons to accompany fine Cinderella, he should definately be there :joy:

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Cinderella needs a footman, dwarf. lol