3 Objects

For my extra modeling challenge I made a lollipop, a clock, and the coffee cup I am drinking out of lol. I added color to the clock using the material editor in the properties to make the details easier to see.

here is a simple model of a radio we use at work. I’m happy with it so far except I cant get the microphone wire to coil or bend. I tried translating the end to get the appearance of bending but I just got hard angles. when I extrude, it automatically follows whichever plane the face is on and I cant change it. any suggestions?

When you get into Section 3 Michael will introduce you to curves, then in Section 5 he touches on using curves to generate meshes, and then way off in Section 7 he’ll show you how to use a curve to create a profile.

I think you will find the way somewhere along the way

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