3 attempts. 1 success

Got it! \o/

This is my first fly and first successful landing:

I need help with one thing not directly related to this lesson but maybe someone can help me here: I’m using a Mac (MacOS Mojave) and tried to capture the video straight from my screen using Command+Shift+5. I was able to play the game while recording, but my space key didn’t work. Only when I paused recording.
I also tried to change the key to UpArrow. But when recording, nothing works. Then I tried to record using an app (Screenium3), but the problem remained the same.

What should I do? Any ideas?

Try selecting your “game” panel/window from unity after clicked record.
Hope it helps.

Btw. Cool rocket!!


Hey, Jorge!

It worked! \o/
Thanks, man!

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Glad to help! :smiley:


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