2D Point & Click, Adventure Game using Unity (C#)

This might be a very unworthy and simple request, but being a newbie in Unity it would be very helpful to know how to make a 2D Adventure game with objects and characters that you can interact with and which will progress the story further. Maybe even some basic story branching mechanics that will allow the game to have multiple endings or different dialogue from characters depending on the players previous actions.

The game that i am inspiring from is “Badass inc”, which is a hackaton game that never got finished, that is why i got quite inspired from its style and mechanics, now i want to try and make something similar and experiment with all the possibilities.


I would also like to see this, but I would like to see this as part of the Complete Unity Developer course rather than a full-blown course of it’s own.

It depends on how complicated you want to make the architecture and design lessons, I guess. As a full course, it could also double as a “skeleton”, on which to put a lot of lessons related to architecture and other advanced things.

But in that case, I’d still like to see this as a smaller project as part of the Complete Unity Developer suite of game tutorials.


It’s something I’ve been really inerested in making once I’m done with the learning to code with Unity course. I’m up to Bowlmaster at the moment. :slight_smile:

Absolutely! I would love to see GameDev.tv set up a point and click adventure game tutorial. I have seen a few around but they used the paid for ‘adventure creator’. I prefer to know how to make games ‘from scratch’. I think there would be plenty of material for a complete course though, especially if dialogue systems are included. Anyway, let’s hope this request gains some traction!

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