2D Grapple Gun: Show us what you’ve got! Mini Games

Here’s a level of a possible Mini Game - Grapple The Balloons.

Use the Grapple to swing aroud and collect the balloons.

The level is a little tricky but is possible.

I have ideas for a couple of different types of levels but that’ll take more time to incorporate…

Have fun ‘popping those balloons’


I liked the sound and that it would shoot out and retract if it couldn’t reach, nice touch. I found the level quite hard to play though, the grapple didn’t have much swing and seemed a bit slow sometimes. I guess I’m not much for the manic clicking style of gameplay.

Thanks for having a play Hazel and giving some feedback.
As I’ve practiced a lot I can get quite a good swing (well - sometimes!!)
and my best time so far is at just over 64 seconds to clear
I’ll see if I get any other feedback to see what things need tweaking
:clown_face: :balloon:

I haven’t even got close to clearing the level! I think my best is about 5 balloons popped! and then I fall in and die

I did consider putting lives ins but that starts complicating things a little more.
I want to have a go at a Hide&Seek mini game / level first and I’ve the final challenge for Double Room to do (doubt there’ll be a game there.)

I’m looking forward to your hide and seek! I’m adding textures with normal maps to mine, its very exciting and grimdark haha

No pressure for me then :wink:
If I manage it and I’m not sure i will (I’ll have to like it) then it will be quite basic.
There will be balloons :balloon:… not sure if the clowns will be the enemies or the player… :clown_face:
I look forward to your update.

There’s no rush, at least for now, none of these challenge come with time limits!

Fun idea! Try to make it more of a learning experience at the first level. One or two balloons, just to know the game basics. Say, a never-fail level (no water).

When losing opt-in for a “start again” primary button, instead of “menu”. It gets you out of the flow.

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Updated now with an Easy and a Hard level with a play again button now alongside the menu one
Thanks to those who had a nose.


If you select “Easy” or “Hard” mode, there is no need to press start. Just clicking on the level modes is enough to start.

Visually you could add a grappling hook.

Great project!

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I won! in 285 seconds on easy mode.

I disagree about selecting the difficulty starting the game, it was nice to flick between them and see the difference.

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I am loving the music you used for this :slight_smile:

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Nice game! I couldn’t complete it on hard though :frowning:

I like the idea behind it but I feel like the movement lacks a sense of flow. Towards the top of the map I find that you get a bit stuck on the platforms because the ceiling is too close to get a good angle for the hook.

It also kind of feels like getting your character to go where you want to go is mostly a case of trial and error.

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Ah man, this is so cool @EddieRocks. Well done!

Added some High Score Tables if you are up to the challenge… :clown_face: :balloon: