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I’m currently working on a dice game. I’ve finished the game in Visual basic. and c#. However i recently decided to put the whistles and bells into the game thus moving my entire project to unity 3d. All my scripts are form related and interact with visual studios form mechanics. I cant find any course that’s dice related. Also my game has no physics system nothing moves. pretty simple. However i have six dice that need to be rolled for random output and calculating. Unity uses objects and coding methods that i don’t understand. The fundamentals of dice , random, objects , calculations, i feel can be put into allot of different scenarios. I’m certain if you made a dice course people could use it for an extremely lot of other purposes. People asking questions about unity fundamentals, can usually be found within , random, dice, outputs. Object logic, working with objects. getting desired results and much more. After studying dice for a long time now, and moving to unity. I feel dice logic can be applied to anything. But there is no course on dice. Creating dice logic in unity solves many problems people have when entering unity 3d. So as of now, i have no real direction to obtain what i’m looking for and any help with that would be great. thank you.

We do cover dice and probability in the course (@Rick_Davidson did a couple of great videos on probability), but you’re right that the board game course isn’t specifically geared towards dice.

The board game design course is really a course on pure game design - it’s meant to help people who want to make games in any medium by exploring player experience, UI, interesting choices and so on. So we might still be able to help. What help exactly were you looking for with your dice? From what I can see your game uses mechanics like push-your-luck (where I need to decide when to bank my points) and probability.

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I need help with rolling the six dice and having 6 new random dice pictures appear.
the game needs to know which dice are on the board then calculate which hand you have upon hitting bank score.
also holding dice and not rolling any held dice. to increase your possible high hand. maybe 3 rolls total.

That is pretty much the game. everything else is whistles and bells and networking.

i have created the script and it works awesome in c# with windows forms inside visual studio. i simply need to recreate this in unity. once i do this with these dice. i will have a much better understanding how unity works and uses objects.

this is all high hands. 2 pair, 3 pair, 3 of kind, 4 of kind, 5 of kind, 6 of kind, straight, two sets of 3, full house = 2222 33.
9 high hands possible.

i’m willing to invest the time. i just need help. The photo i posted is built with unity and is my current layout/scene

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So it sounds like you have the gameplay loop pretty much figured out - this kind of question is probably going to get a better answer in the unity forums though. I’m not familiar enough with Unity to be of much help here.

Failing that, you could ask in the Discord? Try the Unity channel in there. People there are very helpful.


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