2D Course - Exporting HTML - Not working in Mobile devices

I have just finished the 2D course and I am very happy. I’ve learned a lot and I’m looking forward to continue.
Once I finished the last game I’ve tried to adapt it, I’ve changed some things, I’ve exported it to put it on the itch.io platform so that friends can enjoy it.
As it is used in a web browser I thought of adding buttons so that it can be used in mobile devices. I thought it would work on mobiles and tablets.
The problem I have is that although it works perfectly on a computer or laptop but it doesn’t open on a smartphone. Any idea how I can export it or upload it to itch.io so that it also works on mobile devices.
Thank you very much in advance and I leave the link in case you want to try it.

Any help?

Doh, sorry thought id actually posted, but just saved the draft :frowning:

i did try to load it on itch, but itch said its not compatible with device, tried to load up and froze.

not 100% sure on the whole compatibility thing, id have to try a test bare bones project on itch to see.

its quite possible that there’s a requirement for some background browser components that desktop provides, but not android when running from a browser.

id have to play around to check, but possibly, might be worth exporting another version for android and have that as a downloadable.


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