2D Art Krita Course! (not pixel)

:sparkles:Why 2D Game Art? (not pixel) :thinking: :video_game:
For Unity game 3D asset creation, animation, & rigging GameDev.tv has you covered with their Blender courses… but what about 2D? You might think that 2D art will limit what types of games you can make, but take a look at this list of diverse games that incorporate beautiful 2D art:

  • Hollow Knight (metroidvania)
  • Hades (isometric / roguelite)
  • Banner Saga (isometric / turn-based)
  • Don’t Starve (top-down / survival)
  • Little Misfortune (point & click / adventure)
    [To find more, search on steam using the tags ‘Hand-Drawn’ or ‘2D’]

Also, take a look at this short video demonstrating how easy it is to create a beautiful 2D game environment with just a few 2D assets:

Digital art creation will continue to grow (favoring drawing tablets over pen & paper), and game-devs will seek out 2D game art courses. Naturally, the most assessable software will rise above the rest.

:sparkles: Why Krita? :thinking:
That brings us to Krita, it’s a free & open source, highly popular 2D art & animation creation software. It’s often mentioned alongside other 2D art software like Photoshop, Procreate, and Clip Studio Paint. Even highly acclaimed online digital art courses, such as those provided by Paintable & Marc Brunet’s ‘Art School for Digital Artists’ both provide their courses with Krita integration (along side Photoshop, Procreate & other paid alternatives).
[Links to art courses mentioned above:
Marc Brunet]

Did I mention Krita is free & open-source!

[I’m no yet familiar with animation and rigging so I can’t speak on that, but Krita is tuned for animation!]

:sparkles: What about Gimp? :art: :paintbrush:
Gimp is another highly popular free 2D art software, however Gimp is focused more towards image editing and manipulation. Whilst Krita is focused on drawing and animation.

:sparkles: Takeaway notes / key topics :spiral_notepad:

  • 2D art can be applied across various game genres.
  • Learn Krita, a highly popular free software alternative to Photoshop.
  • Learn how to draw 2D game art
  • Learn how to construct beautiful environments with 2D game assets.
  • Learn how Krita can be used with Unity. (exporting, importing, and rigging)
  • Learn 2D game animation.
    [Basically, everything GameDev.tv has done for 3D using Blender, do the same for 2D with Krita!]

:sparkles: Final Personal Note :wave:
[this post was Inspired by the GameDev.tv course: Complete Blender Creator 3: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners] ← it’s really good. :star_struck:
I’m not even halfway done with this Blender course I mentioned above, but it’s so good at teaching you to use Blender, that I was inspired to create this post (selfishly? :sweat_smile:) as someone who’s interested in learning Krita for 2D game art & animation.

I’d love to hear from you guys, the community, do you think this is a good idea??

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