24 the challenge

Well, I have been programming in C a lot many years ago when I was doing my PhD, so I thought this would not be a great deal… but first of all, I understood the task totally wrong: I thought we should create an array of two or three words for each level (that’s why we had to think the words at the beginning, not?), then select a random word out of them and shuffle the letters up. Show this to the player who has to solve the anagram! So all this together was a lot and I struggled at not knowing the notations, the methods etc. I got far, but didn’t resolve the shuffling. Then I saw your solution and it was a totally different thing… This was a little bit frustrating! I could follow your solution easily, but I still have some doubts about how are the events working, it’s magic for me that the input is getting somethin without calling the function…

I would like you to give clearer instructions and to let us do just very small things, write two or three lines no more. And I would like you to explain better the structure and the flow of the program.
Nevertheless, I like how you explain the things, unless everything is completely iterative. This is not the right way to program and you know it, but I understand that it’s a way to engage the people and to motivate because there are things coming out immedeately. I am University professor and know that this is the most difficult thing in teaching, engaging the studens. So, in spite of my critics, I enjoy the course. Well done! :slight_smile:

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