20's crossroad

An old crossroad with squary “cobblestone” Road (don’t know how to set up proper textures yet :sweat_smile:)


This is awesome! Nice work.

Awesome. Really good looking. I like how you did the trees.

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So awesome! I love the tone of the scene!

I really like your light setup, it’s an inspiration! Extremely interesting!

Lots of cool details added! How long do you think this took to put together?

This is just too cool! I can only imagine how long it took.

the car took me roughly 5h. After failing to make a cooblestone street with real stones (Unity don’t like it to render thousands of single spheres), i think it was around 3 hours :sweat_smile:
(nothing compared to some szenes here)

It seems that Unity can’t handle more than 8 spotlights activated at the same time, otherwise some of the lights (these which are the farthest away from the mainCamera) will be deactivated, so you need to be carefull with this kind of light.

Thanks for the info Christian. It’s very new to me and all, so I might very well be wrong on this. But I do remember a video I passed by a while ago. It seems that you can change your graphic settings of your camara to take all light sources into account. There are so many intriguing time consuming things in Unity, so I havn’t played with light source yet.

Camara > Rendering Path > Deferred


A very interesting video that you have found there.
You are right, for a complete beginner in programming and art the wealth of information and best practices is quite overwhelming, so at the moment i’m satisfied with the results i’m getting trough experiments and these courses.

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I dig the lighting on this.

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