2001: A Blender Odyssey

Here is my duplication challenge. Sure felt good to get the front half done and then duplicate the entire back half:


Looks good, feels so good doubling up the work in a few clicks!


Thanks. Couple hours of work before lunch, ten seconds after. :crazy_face:

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Yeah looks cool! The feeling of doubling is amazing, I did a scene a few days ago that was entirely mirrored and it gave me such a rush to see how the second part of my scene was building itself hehe.

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Continuing with the challenges, here is Section 1.8 with materials applied:

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And with lighting and rendering challenges done:

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Looking good!

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Well done. Are details like the rings seperate pieces? Maybe it would be easier when it comes to texturing. I have a lot of problems with texturing complex things… and prefer working with nodes, the procedural way.

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Thanks, Jada. Yeah, everything is a separate object, or rather a duplicate of an original object since it was a duplication exercise.

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