2 point perspective sci-fi Landscape

After i’d finished the landscape with the sci-fi inspired barrels/crates.
I added some shadow under one crate to give the illusion it is floating.
Looking at it , there just seemed to be something missing in the middle.
So I decided to add the start of a futuristic city scape.
Its one of those drawings you just have to stop yourself from adding more.
I think the ciry scape needs expanding on , but thats for another day


The staircase in front of the door does not comply with the vanishing point.
Because of your straight lines (artwork), it’s easily spotted.

Yes , I spotted it after I’d posted it.
When I go back to it to to do more work on the cityscape, I’ll probably end up removing it and work more on the building , much like Grant’s is

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I really like the atmosphere I get from looking at this simple house with just a few obvious futuristic upgrades, following the winding road and multitude of hills, towards a seemingly more advanced gathering of structures. It all but automatically begs the question as to why the house and why its potential occupants are so far out.


The assortment of objects outside also holds a similar intrigue. You have your basic looking can that players can perhaps drop items in, fish items out of or knock the can about. Then there’s the wide bin, which may seem like a large toolbox to some, or could easily be a device that upon activation sends out noticeable beams of light from what could be windows on its sides. Scanning? Processing? Recycling? Sterilizing?

Last but not least, the floating and most uniquely shaped of the three objects. Something for players to push about and marvel at the physics? Does it project holograms of various news and information above itself at eye level? Maybe it can be pushed onto the road to halt some passing vehicle?

Might be my experience with Half-Life 2 talking here, as well as other settings in games that mixed more simple looking constructs with ones that seemed far more advanced, but I just really like where your concept takes my mind. I see you also had to hold back from exploring the idea further and adding more.

Nice work :+1:

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