2.8 Blender Render

My first render in blender 2.8, i wanted to keep things simple for now so i took some inspiration from mega man and made this. You can actually really tell the difference between eevee and cycles. I cant wait to get to the more complex stuff!




Good work.

Just started looking at 2.8 myself. Evee is odd this need to ‘bake’ some of it first. Not sure its worth the fuss made over it yet.

Love the design, it’s simple yet captivating. I’d love to see what comes of this scene if you decide to expand and build upon it.


Thank you, i almost did add a lot more to this but like michael said we don’t want to get too invested in these beginning projects. I wanted to add another robot on top of the steps and some other background objects but, I figured with the way it is set up there is enough to let the imagination wonder and create the rest of the scene. Thank you again.


It could be a very nice 2019 vs 2020 render if you decide to give it a go after the course!

Knowing me i will probably not revisit this scene, but I may recreate the scene with more detail ect. down the road. My main focus will be sci fi and fantasy scenes, I still have a lot to learn though and I cant wait to get there.

Yeah I know how that is I much prefer to recreate too, it’s that I’ve seen so many “My first render vs my last render (remake)” video that that was my first thought :smiley:

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