2-5 player RPG board game for kids 8 and up

I created a what I believe to be a simple card and dice game that can be played with kids 8 and up. There is some math involved with adding and subtracting. I have play tested it with mostly family so far and would love some other feedback if you could.

I created it as when my kids were younger I tried to get them into D&D but just rolling their characters took to long and they lost interest. My goal with the game was to make something easy to play, simple to learn but keep the Role Playing Game spirit.

You can play with just a six sided dice but I tend to go for a six sided and a 12 sided to add some flavor.

If you can I would love to know a) did you have fun? b) what is one thing you liked? c) what is one thing you didn’t like?

***Edit - Sorry I had some bad links from a copy & paste error - they should all be fixed now.

The folder on Gooogle Drive

Just in case that doesn’t work here are the individual files.

The Setup

The rules

The cards

The board 22x17 - small but still playable printable in 4 8.5x11 sheets

The board 34x22 - bigger and easier to play printable in 4 11x17 sheets

Notepad for keeping stats

Thank you in advance.

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