2.4 Extruding Challenge LowPoly: Elks and the winter scene

Hi guys,

It has been a really long time I haven’t been here. I had to temporarily postpone my Blender study, it was a tough year. Now I am back, continuing where I stopped: low poly shapes and experimenting with the camera and lighting. I really missed it!

However, I have experienced cycles rendering issues, not sure if I did something wrong. Checked the denoisisng option and played with sampling rate, but the result is still a bit grainy! Did someone experienced it as well? How can I improve the image outcome? Thanks!


Welcome back.

Great Elk? and winter scene.

With any noise if denoise is not enough then the samples need to be higher.


good one with the name! Thanks! Happy to be back as well.

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Lovely composition and color theme :+1:

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thank you!

added small details, removed the pink light and improved the sampling at cycles to 500.


Lovely work! I really dig low poly 3d modeling. I’m currently working on a scene using my dog as inspiration :slight_smile:

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