1x Screenshots, 1x Reload Timer and a question

My Landscape and setting with a tank shooting a burst of tracer-projectiles over far distance.
Unfortunatly, the landscape generated a continouus fps drop, starting at 120 FPS at game start and then dropping continouusly down to 20 fps at 1 min game time aprox.
Could not find the problem, so sad to say, i downloaded the github repo and replaced my landscape and setting with Ben’s for now…

So this is a (landscape) RIP picture:

Another pic: I added a UI TImer to show the remaining reload time:

Maybe someone can help me refactor my code: Is there an alternative to “+=” in c++ to add multiple FString together ?

You have it the wrong way round, it’s +=

Oh, a typo error. Thanks for the hint.
But is there an alternative if i want to add 5+ strings together into one string ?

That looks wonderful, I wonder why the slow-down. Put it on a list to loop-back to once you’ve done the next section

FString One = "One";
FString Two = "Two";
FString Three = "Three";
FString All = One + Two + Three //OneTwoThree

Thanks a lot.

It’s been ages since i did the last time c++, missing a lot … :frowning: