1st Render in Blender (lol)

Hello World, after 2 days of starting the Blender course with ZERO experience I have completed lesson 13. Rendering Out Your Scene and here are the 2 renders. One in Eevee mode and the other in Cycles. Cycles mode took a very long time, my pc is 10 years old with an 8 core AMD FX 8150 and GE Force 1030. not sure how much faster a newer machine would crunch the numbers but it took about 8 minutes to render out the cycle mode. Anyways, loving the course and was able to get this far and hope to make it to the finish line.!




I found it quite difficult to scroll around and keep the design in the middle of the screen, being more of a Photoshop guy I kept hitting the spacebar a thousand times to try and nudge the screen.

if you feel like digging into it, somewhere on the “Keymap” tab of the preferences you can change the way that works.

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That’d be great if the spacebar could be reprogrammed. In the meanwhile I read up and found out how to emulate the 3 button mouse and get the Alt key in the mix.

Alt + Shift allows me to nudge around the viewport well enough, if there is a better way that would be awesome as well.

I’m guessing that since you don’t have a mouse you probably don’t have a numpad either. In that case I highly recomend turning on numpad emulation as well since that’s where the short cuts for moving your screen are located.

HI, oh no I have a mouse but don’t like using the mouse wheel if I don’t have to. I am using a desktop pc, not a laptop. :slight_smile:
Appreciate your insight.

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