1st Person seamless cutscene tutorial

Greetings - the sequencer course was helpful, but a little basic. It would’ve been great to include 1st-person tutorials also, but alas. Is there an Unreal developer w/GameDev that can offer help on how to do this? I’m halfway into it and really need help.

First person is the same. You would animate the character exactly as you would with third person.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything else you might do unless you show and animate a third person in place but again, this is a matter of disabling the player character temporarily and introducing a new character which you animate.

The best way to imagine this working is to take a look at other games and see how they deal with cutscenes and try and imagine how they might do it.

One thing to consider is if you want your character to be shown the you may need a fully rigged model so you can animate it correctly, something you normally wouldn’t have with a first person character.

I need to animate the player because its 1st Person and I need to animate the arms that are attached to the player camera. We’ve all played 1st person games where the arms/hands animate. I’m using the default 1st person character template that Unreal provides when creating your project.

I’ve read that animating the player camera is not possible in Unreal, so, how does one play arm animations? Does a custom 1st person blueprint need to be created?

If its the arm, you attach a skeletal mesh to the first person character (I have never used it but pretty sure it doesn’t have one bit could be wrong) and animate the arms.

The part about having the skeletal mesh and the arms being part of it I already have. I’ve also already added the animation. My question is how to go about animating the 1st person character in sequencer. I’ve read where you should not/cannot animate the player camera in sequencer, but rather animate a separate camera in place of the 1st person player camera; in doing that, I’m no longer using/don’t have access to the animations on my 1st person character!

The animation of the arms are the same as anything else and you can initiate it in events inside the character. You could even animate via an animation blueprint so movement changes how the arms animate.

There’s nothing different here than animating a third person character, only that the animation is limited to the arms.

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