**19th Nov '20 - Free Learning to Draw Tutorial & AMA!**

Are you complete beginner to drawing, or feel intimidated by the thought of it? Watch this video and have fun experimenting by adding personality to simple shapes!

This is great place to start for game art, and you can even take these easy, quick drawings and put them into Blender to use as background images for 3D models.
You can follow along in Krita (free software, a bit like photoshop), or use good old fashioned pencils and paper.

Have a drawing question?
Join Ben and Grant LIVE as they answer your drawing questions, and talk to you about the Where, When & How of our latest Kickstarter.

Where: our GameDev tv discord server - http://gdev.tv/discord
When: Thursday 19th November @ 1pm Pacific Time (which is 4pm Eastern Time, 9pm in the UK and 8am on Wednesday for AEDT folks).

Can’t make it? Don’t worry you can ask your questions here: https://gdev.tv/amaquestion and we’ll share the recording afterwards.

Missed out on the last AMA, watch it here https://www.gamedev.tv/p/extra

Lucy and the GameDev tv team