126: Zero to Making a Trending Steam Game with Salvatore Fabio

“If you feel stuck, you are really not. Close the computer for a couple days.” - Salvatore Fabio

This week we have Salvatore Fabio on. Salvatore is an indie game developer, founder of the one-man Italian game development studio “Fabiulous Games”. He is currently working on the development of his first commercial project “L.S.D.”, a first-person experience set during a hallucinogen trip, which will be released on Steam at the end of the year. He started learning game development with the courses by gamedev.tv about a year ago. In that span of time, he has published a total of 10 games both for mobile and PC, on platforms such as Steam, itch.io and Google Play Store as “Fabiulous Games”. We promise you will not want to miss this episode GameDev.tv students will find tons of value listening to this episode. We guarantee you will not regret listening to this episode.

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