125: Being a Narrative Architect with Franciska Csongrady

“Allowing the player to inhabit multiple player characters, it became increasingly difficult for them to experience each successive one from a narrative perspective to the same degree.” - Franciska Csongrady

This week we have Franciska Csongrady on. Franciska is a freelance Narrative Designer and Writer based in London. She works at Moon Studios as a contractor, where she has helped ship Ori and the Will of the Wisps (2020), and now she is working on a project which is under NDA.
In addition to specialising in interactive dialogue, She is particularly interested in the unique potential of games to convey narrative through the game world itself, and enjoy the challenge of being not just a storyteller, but a narrative architect. We promise you will not want to miss this episode GameDev.tv students will find tons of value listening to this episode. We guarantee you will not regret listening to this episode.

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