119: The Art of Game Development Composing with Jean-Alexander Nevskiy

"I think the game industry in music has a lot of opportunity to do something different and innovate that can make something really crazy that you can’t do in pop music.” -Jean-Alexander

This week we have Jean-Alexander Nevskiy on. is a game composer and sound designer, who lives in Russia’s most beautiful city – Saint-Petersburg. He started learning guitar at 13 charmed by The Beatles. At the age of 18 he started playing at a couple of locally famous bands and he recorded 2 albums where he composed music and did all the arrangements. When his most long-lasting band broke up Jean-Alexander decided to switch to the game audio since he was a big fan of games. We promise you will not want to miss this episode GameDev.tv students will find tons of value listening to this episode. We guarantee you will not regret listening to this episode.

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Totally agree with that quote, and not just in music, I think games have a huge potential and we have barely scratch the surface of it.

Thanks for your amazing work @Kevin-Brandon.

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Thank you so much Yee :slight_smile:
I also agree. Games have just scratched the surface.

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