112 - Lamp stem and lower arm bones

Way I’ve been following along recently is to watch one or more lectures in advance then going back through them so I know around about where they are going.

Anyway I skipped the parent and reparent stuff and just mathed out the right things first time. Though I did have trouble shift + clicking to select just one of the bones when parenting the bones to the mesh objects. Ended up having to do it via the outline view. Ended up being the same though.

Here’s the render for the end of lecture 112.

I’m riffing a tiny bit around what the lecturer is doing - but I’m not confident enough to stray too far. I figure I’ll have ample opportunity to do that when I’m doing my own projects.

Sharing my files over on github should that be helpful to anyone. https://github.com/paulevans/blender-sketches

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Every lecture (lamp, church, human head, …) is building upon the knowledge of previous lessons. But they learn you also, all the aspects of working with 3D modeling.
The lamp is all about modeling and armature (bones).
The church is about working modular from low detail to high details. More project related.
The human head, all about good topology.
All kinds of knowledge to handle small and large Blender projects for all the problems you encounter when working in 3D.
It’s not always about shifting, merging vertices, edges and coloring faces!

Keep the spirit up and I like your idea of GITHub.

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