10 Zombie Bowling

Hi All,

I thought I would add my first game release to the showcase for some peer review. As you will see the game was inspired by the bowl master component of the course and then extended. At this stage I have only published it via the windows store for Windows 10 devices.
The game is free but does include advertising which was actually a bit of a challenge as the Unity ads service component does not support Windows only iOS and Android.

I would love to hear your feedback so feel free to add your comments here, via the windows store feedback or via the games page on my website.

Windows Store - 10 Zombie Bowling


Very cool idea!

I wish I could try it, unfortunately I only have an android =/


If your home computer is running windows 10 you can also try it via the Windows Store. It is what they call a Universal Windows Platform app so it will run on any device running windows 10, PC, Tablet or phone.

I have just played it, nice game!

Regarding the feedback:

*I had to play it in the windowed mode, in full screen the screen was totally white and nothing happened;
*There was one time that when the swipper cleaned the lane, after deploying the remaining zombies one felt alone (probably because of the speed that it was deployed);
*It is really hard to get a strike since the zombie has different shape than the pin (the pin is round, so if you hit it on its side it is more likely that it will fall to the opposite side that you managed to hit, while the zombie is flat, so even if you hit on its side is very likely that it will fall straight back)

I really liked what you have done here, pretty nice environment! Congratulations

Thanks heaps for the feedback,

If it is not to much trouble would you be able to let me know your screen resolution? I tested on a few different machines and did not have any issues with a white screen on full screen mode so maybe I never tried a particular aspect/resolution that causes a problem.

Thanks also for the feedback about the zombies being harder to hit than the pins. I might look at fattening up the zombies a bit to make them similar to the original in size.

I really appreciate all your feedback

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My resolution is 4k.

Your game is looking very good, I liked a lot the changes that you have done

Thanks for all the feedback and assistance,
I will have to do some more testing on a 4K monitor and have a look at the other points you mentioned.

I really appreciate the feedback.

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