10 Cars (?) - Exercise

Here is my attempt at the cars challenge (only three that have been darkened over as I realized I was taking too much time):

(The outlines for the ones I didn’t darken are really faint. I wasn’t really sure if there was a way to make a whole layer darker - would have been helpful if I could increase opacity over 100% for those (but then that’s not exactly what the term means).)

As I went through I started realizing I wasn’t working in basic enough shapes and that I was also trying to put to much detail so that’s something I’ll be carrying over to future practice. I also think that despite what might be said its probably best to try to do some direct from picture copies (not tracing - but using basic shapes first) before trying to go more from imagination so I think I’ll take more time on the side for that (and with more different items as well.

I really appreciate how this course is going through things slowly and not shying away from drawing exercises as we move along. In some ways when all you have to look at is clean art it gets more discouraging then when we see the bones built up like this.


Still, a good study.
Yes, it takes time and practice. The goal is to sketch shapes in a fluent way (from the shoulder).
Have fun!