10,000+ errors :)

Hi all, long time no see…

So, I’ve worked through the previous sections and was able to use Visual Studio (not Code) and UE5 without any issues, followed suggestions regarding live coding etc, but rarely needed to keep closing/re-opening UE5.

I’m not sure if its “project specific” but for Toon Tanks I’ve frequently getting 10,000+ errors listed upon a build. It appears to stem from CoreNet.h and then cascades. If I close UE5, rebuild, it appears to be ok again (obviously a little frustrating).

I’m not sure if its project specific (I note this was a UE4.25 project initially), or whether its because we’re making a lot of changes in the constructor at the moment, or something else? Perhaps a magic setting/module that needs configuring? In all cases, I have disabled live coding for the project, but it doesn’t appear to make any difference.

Being that I’ve not dragged the pawn into the level yet, I was a little surprised to be getting any conflicts.

Any suggestions (other than using Visual Studio Code :wink: ) are welcomed and appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

p.s It seem to begin from the very first bit of coding (“Creating Components” - lecture 3), with the forward declarations etc.

Have you tried refreshing the project files? Or deleting them including the Intermediate folder and generating them again from scratch?

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Hi Dan, thanks for the reply.

I’ve not no, but one thing I’ve found since is that its easily repeatable. For example, when using UE_LOG with a %f subsitute, if I were to miss a required * preceeding the object/reference/pointer etc that was going to be used, that would create this also. With those, a close of UE5 doesn’t appear to be necessary, so I’m wondering if its primarily the use of the constructors that has perhaps increased the frequency of the closing/re-opening. I’m just over halfway through Toon Tanks now and it doesn’t seem to be such and issue at the moment.

Main reason for asking was to see if there were things I could do (perhaps a specific order etc) to either avoid, or at the very least, reduce the amount of times closing/re-opening was necessary.

From the description provided it sounds like it could just be slow to update? Can’t say I’ve ever had this issue using VS 2022 that wasn’t just IntelliSense being a little slow.

Does changing build configuration to something else and back help at all? Doing that should refresh IntelliSense.

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Hey Dan,

It definitely seems to be more “error” related, e.g. popping the code in wrong, but the errors are not then limited to just the “project” (e.g. the code I’ve written).

Probably not something we’ll get to the bottom of, appreciate its a little abstract. Happy for the topic to be closed etc.

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