1 page GDD for Project "Mystic" What do you think?

Here it is. Project Mystic is going for an epic Elder Scrolls vibe. It’s fantasy, but with a post-apocalyptic twist. Let me know what you think. I am still working on the story, so any ideas are welcome.

Project “MYSTIC” 1 Page GDD
Every thousand years they rise, only a few survive

Genre: RPG, 3rd person fixed camera(Changeable later?)
Target Audience: T for TEEN
Controls: Mouse and Keyboard and controller
Thematic Setting: Fantasy and slightly post-apocalyptic. Swords, magic, bows, primitive firearms, mystics, a hero, epic
Tech Stack: Unity 5+, Blender, Gimp / Photoshop, Audacity
Platform(s): Steam, Windows/Mac/Linux, etc
Game Moment: Defeating enemies on the bridge between islands as they chase you. Basic story intro?

The story has something to do with zombie-like D’azgorath rising every 1,000 years as part of a curse and destroying civilization. The very few survivors are called “Mystics.”

Kinda sounds like a Final Fantasy meets Dawn of the Dead.

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