02 - Pyramid Challenge


I love the shortcut keys

how did you do the stairs

I inset the faces and extruded them out. I had to scale them out though so they would be even.

Started over so I could follow along with the step creation.

Here is the pyramid I made on my first attempt. I feel like maybe I should go back and start again :thinking:

Pyramid w/steps and modified top

I really love seeing someone who actually tried to do the challenge with just the knowledge we’ve learned until now. It’s like lately 90% of the people came back after finishing the entire course and made the models again with all the advanced knowledge just to show off… which defeats the purpose of actually sharing and learning with your “lecture classmates”. That made me appreciate advanced guys who instead come to share tips and people like you who are posting as they learn.

Perhaps you underestimate how much time people put into their projects though. I’m only a beginner but I spent a lot of time looking up things like subdividing vertices and rendering and lighting settings to get my model to look great. They’ve explicitly stated in the course that you’ll get exponentially more out of the course in relation to how much effort you’re willing to go to.


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