Hey everyone, Niko here. 34 old workaholic with a long dream of learning 3D modeling and getting to work within the game industry.

I have no prior experience with 3d-modelling so i’m suspecting it’s going to be a long road ahead. But i’m confident that road will be a joyful one (and rocky ofc).

We started cinematography with my friends when we were 6 years old, and we’ve been making shorts, longs, and music videos ever since with a hobby mentality. We know what it takes to create something that looks good (to our taste) so i would say coming to this, my strenghts will be lighting (when i learn how), camera angles for animations and such.

Here are some work i’ve been involved in that is out in the public: (from New to old)

Jessica Wolff - Superhero, music video
Olivera - I can’t sleep (Acoustic), music video
Olivera - Trust, music video
Jessica Wolff - Magic castle, music video
Fray - The lost world, Shortfilm
What became of us, - Full indie movie from 2009
Graffiti meissä - Full indie movie from 2006 (our first ever)

Every time i see a new game cinematic, i feel my heart pounding and that is something that makes me feel like… that i want to be part of that, leaving my mark on the digital world. Create emotions, to make you hate, to make you love, to make you cry, to make you feel comfort.

Glad to meet you all! Hope we can share our works in the future!

Current Setup:

32GB, 2666mhz
1080 TI
34" + 27" monitors