Zoom stopped working... Chess Scene

For some reason I cant zoom anymore… or its negligible at best ( there is very very slight zoom movement ) when I use my wheel. If I open the default file, I am fine again… Halp?

Tap the “.” on the keypad (not the one between the comma and the question mark) to reset zoom.

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Thank you!!! I’ll try that next time… for now I found a stack answer that described the problem ( the resetting of zoom )… I used Shift+C, then Alt+Home to get it back. But thanks a ton for the quick reply!

Wait… why did you steal my name @Todd_Vance !?!

It’s been worse—someone named Todd D. Vance (same middle initial as me) was at the same bank as me, changed their address and I got the e-mail saying my address was changed and I had to get that fixed.

Ha… BUT still… a guy that is taking the same 3D modeling course as me ( kind of a niche I’d say ) and has also apparently taken the same Unity course as I have ( yes I stalked your site … here’s the game I made on Itch thanks to that same course … just so happens to answer my post and has my name… spooooky.

***BTW - are you taking their RPG course? I’m IN! If you do, lemme know!

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