Zombie Defender


we are two guys from Germany, after we took the Unity course we decided to create our own little indie studio. After some few projects, that where canceled we finally released our first game on the Google Play Store.

It’s a little defender game, where you play a little knight, who has to defend himself against massive Zombie Waves only with his little crossbow. For each wave you get points and xp, that you can invest in new Castles, Crossbows and Projectile, that improve your strength and defence.

Would be great if you could test the game and give us feedback, what we could improve to make the game better :slight_smile:

You can get the app here


After some feeback, we renewed the shooting system of our games. Because a loft of people said that it was a bit too hard. Would be great to hear some feedback from you guys :slight_smile:

That is a nice looking game! I will try to download and play it.

Do you plan on making another RPG game based off this course?

It’s really fun! But I would suggest to enhance the lighting and the effects

@Oguz_Guvenc Thank you :slight_smile: Currently not as we are only two people a rpg game would just be a too big project

@Soft_Build Thank you for your feedback. The problem with the effects and lighting is that we want this game to run on most of the android smartphones an therefore we decided to the current graphics.

Btw. we just released a update were we updated the shop and implemented a daily reward system :smile:

We released a new Update where we changed the system behind our Shop.
Would be great to hear your feedback if everything works fine for you :slight_smile:

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