Zero to hero

Fiddle with this, fiddle with that. :stuck_out_tongue:
add some tidbits from other tutorials I’ve come across while making the course content

Some other models located here:

The quest to become the best! :star_struck:



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You had really some fun and then time flies …
Great details and a lot of pre-course Blender functions.
No problem, to be early, but there is still much to learn.
Better small but many projects.

Still a good outcome and have a lot of fun!

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End users want to have modular components. Not everything in one scene, but in parts. So they can combine objects into their own projects. And base them on a real scale.

A good pyramid with interesting additions.
Why is there the grass hedge blocking the temple steps?
How would it even grow up there?

WOW! I love the lighting/emission on the pyramid!

your absolutely right about the grass on the top. it was more for my testing of how I would attempt to show grass overlaying other objects.

But I do know exactly what you mean by at least showing a transition from the ground to the top


I’ll have to keep that in mind as I continue to create and learn more.

It makes total sense that people may want the lamp or just the pyramid in this case just to use in their personal projects; instead of importing the entire scene and going through the hassle of deleting unwanted items.

NOTED and I will apply your wisdom O GREATNESS

cheers for your insight! :grin:

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Thanks. I picked up some knowledge from some other blender how-to tutorials.

A good place to see the power of blender is to try and create a “Procedural Material”- Follow some youtube tutorials for this. Doing this allowed me to understand how/why/ and when to use.

Although I must admit it isn’t the cleanest way of applying that knowledge, but I figured it was the effect I wanted to portray. Uploading the image and moving onto other sections of the course was my main focus.

Also, revisiting old content and add new knowledge is also something I’m planning on doing to help my learning process. Cheers!

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This looks like it could have come straight out of “Breath of the Wild”, love the lighting effect you have on this.


Why thank you for the encouraging comment. cheers!

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