Your thoughts on QnA Differences between Udemy and GDTV platform

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Im curious after reading some other posts, so i thought i would create a new thread to discuss.

Whats everyones thoughts and feelings on the differences when using the QnA on both Udemy and the GDTV?

Pros and Cons?

do you prefer using one over the other? and why? and do you even use the QnA?

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For me the only thing that Udemy has over this forum is convenience: one less click + it’s right below the video. Which is not an issue if I do the course on GDTV side (but right now I’m more used to using Udemy). Finding something afterwards or just browsing on Udemy is a nightmare.

Other than that, I prefer using GDTV forums. The GDTV team does a good job most of the time to linking each lecture to separate tag, which makes it easier to get to appropriate portion of the forum. Plus I find it good to encourage students to share progress after each lecture (which sadly wasn’t as pronounced in remastered Blender Character Course as it was in other courses I did).

I’ve done also some other Udemy courses, which don’t have separate community. Even if the courses were quite good, the overall experience was less satisfying for me due to the feeling of me being isolated in my learning.

If someone from Udemy reads this, they should take note and replicate your approach :smiley:

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