You can now add your Twitter username to your profile :-)


This will be visible to other students. Why not add your Udemy profile while you’re there (not visible to other students). This will save you time later when we need to verify you’re on a course.


Done… I now just need many more interesting things to happen during a day that I can tweet about… or I suppose I could create an alter-ego and tell really cool and interesting whopping lies… hmmm… I will procrastinate some more over this :slight_smile:


Hi @ben, I just noticed that the display of the twitter username on the profiles doesn’t look - well - as nice as it could.

Not sure whether there is any control over this or whether Discourse just takes the field names and drops them into the display all by itself. As there is already a map pin for location, and a world icon for www site, it would be kind neat to have the twitter icon perhaps to the side of that (e.g. on the same row) with the username after that, and maybe as a link to the actual Twitter site too? At the moment it displays but isn’t clickable.

Seriously not a high priority item, but it just looks a bit odd where it is right now, especially being called “twitter username” on the profile etc…

/notes that his 2 cents has been spent and shuts his pie hole…