Yet another personal project

To kick off my week off I have from work, I’ve started with… Well, something that I thought would be simple, before I began, which only got more complex as I went along. Personally though, i think this turned out spectacularly.

It is a very strangely shaped little spacecraft. It stopped me from wondering why Nintendo seems to change its shape in recent Metroid games, haha :smiley: Regardless, it was great practice.


This is very cool Mcfuzz!! would be a very good model for a spaceship game!

Very cool @McFuzz! Any plans to add more detail to the interior?

I was going to make a little Samus sitting inside, and a cockpit view. But not for a while, at least.

Great work as usual @McFuzz ! I’m really digging your style.
Can’t wait to see your submission in this week challenge :grin:

One question, i see you use SketchFab a lot, i’m having troubles with it, do you use Blender Internal Render or Cycles? Are you using textures or node materials? Thanks friend!

I use Blender internal render, and I don’t use textures. For this submission, I actually used Sketchfab’s own editor to change the colours to look more metallic! The visor is one I’m particularly impressed with, but that was wholly Sketchfab’s cool editor that got that effect.

Thought I don’t know the exact process as I don’t texture much myself, you should be able to pack the textures (as taught in the bunny lessons) and upload the file that way. There is probably a better, more technical explanation on Sketchfab somewhere, but that’s what I know. Gotta pack 'em.

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Thanks! Yes, with bitmap textures is pretty straightforward to set up, but depending on the project could be tedious to manually set every texture up, i was trying to set with the materials from Blender straight, but didn’t work at all. But it’s okay, thanks!