Yellooo from Czech Republic

Hey everyone! :wave:

I shall introduce myself and tell y’all a little bit of something about me.
(edit: Wait, did I say “a little bit of something”? Oops, got carried away a little bit. Sorry!) :slight_smile:
So here goes. My name is Michal (Michael if you’d like, even tho I am used to being called Mikey). I am currently at the level 23 of Life and I am from Czech Republic - which I did mention in the topic’s name, I know right. I am Self-Employed at the time being. Nothing interesting to be honest. No indie game studio, no freelancing as a photoshopper or anything like that. My work consist of repairing and / or adjusting gitterboxes - or even creating new ones - for one specific international company. But enough of that, I didn’t come here to tell you about my work.

Why did I come here?
For the very same reason all the other people came here. To learn about 3D Modelling and to meet new people from all around the world! I did try out Blender like a year ago or so, but didn’t really do much on my own. Sure, you can figure out the basics, but at some points I got simply stuck. Few days ago, I found out about the Udemy and it’s courses. I got more than curious about them and in the end, I decided I should give it a REAL try this time. Starting from the bottom - that’s how they say it nowadays, right?

Do I have any previous experience in 3D Modelling?
The answer is simple - No, I don’t. I mean, sure, I did try the Blender out, made some blocky houses and so, but other than that - no, I don’t. I did spend about 8 years on mapping for SA:MP roleplay servers tho. But, I kind of lost the interest in it as it became “old-ish” for me. I kind of tried out everything I was curious about in there and as you can read in the details below, the limits of the objects and such, made me finally quit it and move on and ahead. Thus I got here and into Blender. I should learn how to create 3D models since I enjoy creating environments so much.

[details=SA:MP&Mapping]SA:MP a.k.a. San Andreas Multiplayer is a free multiplayer client for the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game. There are thousands of servers still running and thousands of people playing on them daily (from what I remember, one server could hold up to 1k players). The most played gamemodes would be RolePlay and Stunts/Freeroam servers.

Mapping as a term in the SA:MP community (not only SA:MP tho) is about creating game environments for the people to play in. Be it some interiors of public places like Police Stations, Banks, Restaurants and so on, or exteriors for basically anything you can think of. The biggest downside in mapping for SA:MP is, that you can use the original objects from the game only. You can texture them nowadays tho and you are still able to make some decent “mapps” even with these objects. Again, be it small adjustments like adding few benches and trees here and there or completely full makeover of any place in the game. I did focus on mapping for RolePlay servers only, as I did always enjoy to create new, realistic looking places.

I still have screenshots of my creations, so if there is anyone interested in taking a look, then feel free to ask. I’ll be more than happy to share them here and to hear some objective criticism.[/details]

What is my goal?
To get to know new people with similiar hobby, to learn and improve myself, not only at
3D modelling, but also as a person and more.

I am looking forward to talk with you all gals and guys!
Cheers! :wink:

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