Wouldn't you be creating N-Gons with the Railing?

I noticed this when the railing was being created. When you create the railing and you delete the ramp face and extrude the edges, you end up creating a face with 6 vertices at the top of the pyramid.

I’m just pointing this out because this is something you want to alway avoid when you model. Especially if you plan on doing video game assets.

It’s been awhile since I did mine and know I had some issues. Are you able to merge some of the vert to avoid Ngons?

You would just want to make sure that you add either some extra faces to make sure that you can connect and avoid creating faces with more than 4 vertices. There are probably a ton of different ways you can go about avoiding it. Just good practice to avoid this when modeling.

Yep, I try for nice quads and low poly…now if Blender would always cooperate the way I think it should be done. :grin:

You made me google N-gons.

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